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Company Overview

Motto: “To serve and protect those who serve and protect”
Our Mission: To provide our customer with the highest quality and variety of Tactical Nylon Gears.

Steady Flying Enterprise Co., Ltd started is operation in august, 1988. Originally, SFE were importers and resellers of U.S Made military surplus and equipment. Later on, SFE began manufacturing tactical and outdoor nylon gear with U.S like specifications which not only satisfied the Taiwanese market, but also caught the attention of the Japanese government. Soon, after, nearby Southeast Asian countries have also contracted SFE to create their standard issue tactical gear.

After NYC September 11, 2001 attacks, the U.S Government along with other countries increased their efforts to reinforce their anti-terrorism programs. The U.S Government began contracting tactical nylon manufacturers to create gear that could accommodate all their specifications. SFE responded to this calling by creating the TAC M7 Tactical Vest which was quickly adapted Homeland Security. Since then, SFE has devoted its efforts towards making the highest quality and variety of nylon products for their customers. Steady Flying Enterprise will continue to maintain its integrity both with their products and company values.

J Tech Branding:
J Tech Gear has been the registered trademark of Steady Flying Enterprise., Co, Ltd. since June 2011 and also recognized for military and law enforcement agencies in many countries. J Tech’s commitment to excellence is proven through its innovative design, creative process and marketability.

Design and Creation:

J Tech Gear ensures every user; whether civilian, law enforcement, or military, the same attention to design as any other government standards issued gear. J Tech continues to innovate creative ways to toughen and reinforce durability through their stitching and sewing techniques, not to mention their quality control which ensures every item out of the manufacturing process has been given proper testing for consistency. With the combination of high quality nylon and their special sewing knowledge in Taiwan, J Tech has the best combination of high quality materials and top know how technique. Recently, SFE has attained new machines that will increase the efficiency of production. This machine will produce necessary materials at a higher rate, but without the cost of quality. This will result in faster response in production and less labor input to providing more variety and added customer value.

Product Color

The 5 colors of J-TECH products were developed with requirements of needs. More over, with the need of customers's special case we can also develo new fabric color.


Olive Drab

Coyote Brown

Foliage Green


We Provide Special Colors And Offer Customized Products service

J-TECH provudes new fabric/webbing special colors to manufacture customized products this year and fulfill different countries, different landforms and different needs. Below are the special colors that our company provides, but you can also provide your special color and we will service you.
Please contect our sales department for further and detailed imformation.

Camel Tan

Digital Desert

Army Combat Uniform

Japanese Woodland color

Airman Battle Uniform


Digital Camouflage


J-TECH tactical gear is designed for different missions. in the process of development, We have provide our products to Special Force for further inspection tests. The advantages and disadvantages that appeared on these tests were made into reports.  We have already made improvements with the points cited in these reports until our J-TECH products were totally suitable for Special Forces need.  After that, we officially released our products for the sales marketing and Military Army, because we do understand that good or bad qualities of tactical products do affect people's lives and that's why J-TECH will continue to require rigorously the best quality.   Welcome J-TECH users to tell us precious opinions. 

I.B.F. - Invisible Backframe Function

The I.B.F. system has an invisibly aluminum backframe hidden in the back of V.C.S., which it can be also independently extracted and changed. The main purpose is to make the bag more stable and difficult to deform, letting the user feel comfortable even when carrying heavy weight on the back.

I.T.S. - Integrated Tactical System

With the I.T.S., you can attach both ALICE and MOLLE systems to it, giving the user more spaces to put equipments.

M.V.S. - Modular Venting Strap

The M.V.S. system is fixed to the V.C.S., and it has a design where it can be totally taken off and changed when the M.V.S. appears to be old, increasing also the life of the backpack. This design can also elevate the center of gravity of the backpack, where the user can move freely without affecting the waist's equipments and is also comfortable for shoulders when carrying it.

Water Repellency 

The fabric has been processed through anti-water drops process, so the tactical gear that is made from this fabric has a preliminary anti-water drops function.

Owl Eye

This Owl Eye symbol means that the tactical gear has a place for a sign reflection recognition strip, where it can avoid friendly fires during night activities or use it as another function like night warning.


This 3L symbol means that this tactical gear has an inner layer to put a 3 liters hydration system.

No Buckle System

With MOLLE system attachment. 

Level IV color Fastness

It has passed the 4th level of color inspection, meaning that isn’t easy to fade away even though being exposed to high lights like the sun. This is a high level speciflcation.

Structure Strengthening Stitches

Using the highest and special nylon plus an accuracy stitching technology process, it makes the tactical gear even more reliable and durable.

Close-knit Elastoplast System

Is convenien for quick tack out or put back the magazines, which is different from velcro designs that have sound when taking out or putting back equipments.


Inner Lined 4D Mesh for cool cozy positive air flow around you torso as you move. 

Steady Flying Enterprise Co.,Ltd. main service is to design and manufacture. We have a better equipment and updated technique with ODM and OEM cooperation with international brands experience.  We manufactured tactical nylon gear, outdoor backpacks, professional racing uniforms, paintball gear and other products.  Our goal is to provide you with the same service we want for ourselves.  Steady Flying Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s manufacturing and research & development team is always in the hunt for your neeed.
All our products are made in our domestic and using high quality nylon material made in Taiwan even the thread. Besides, we are using the digital sewing machine in each reinforcement.  If your company has any OME or ODM need,feel free to contact us anytime.
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