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EAT3.0-188L Trunk

EAT3.0-188L Trunk

EAT3.0-188L Trunk
EAT 3.0-188L 直立式裝備攜行拖輪箱(本體)

‧ITEM NO.: BG01-0242-A1
‧Main Pouch : W40 x H102 x D32cm
               W40 x H102 x D11cm
‧Side Pouch : W43.5 x H24 x D5 cm x 2
‧Upper pouch : W31 x H20.5 cm x 2
‧Material : 100%Nylon 1000Denier
100%Nylon Webbing
100% Polyester Mesh
YKK Buckle
‧Color : BK/OD/CB/FG/MC
‧Wt : 9.04 kg


If you have any OEM or ODM need, please feel free to contact us.


BG01-0242-A0 EAT 3.0-188L Trunk (full set)
BG01-0242-A1 EAT3.0-188L Trunk
BG01-0242-00 EAT3.0-188L Accessories-Utility pouch
BG01-0242-01 EAT3.0-188L Accessories-Velcro pouch-I
BG01-0242-02 EAT3.0-188L Accessories-Velcro pouch-II (Can be stored shoes)



    ​From the raw materials, cutting, sewing, inspection, packaging, all production are under management and control in our own factory to make sure to offer reasonable prices and achieve the goal of high quality.

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